Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old Time Fiddling arranged for 5 string banjo

My newest project for next year is to research and learn some old fiddle tunes. I'm looking for ones that particularly aren't recorded anymore or haven't enjoyed as much popularity.

My latest studies have taken me to fiddlers Allen Sisson, Cyril Stinnett, and Benny Thomasson.
Allen Sisson was a fiddler from north GA that won the TN state championships in 1920.
Cyril was from Missouri, a lefty who was known for his ability to play hornpipes and reels. Lastly, Benny was the guy who worked with Mark O'Connor when he was a kid. I've listened to Benny for many years. He is the only one that isn't a recent discovery. Anyways here are my attempts at some tunes:

1)Allen Sisson's "Rhymer's Favorite"

2)Kenny Baker's version of "Denver Belle"

3)Cyril Stinnett's "Pacific Slope"

4)Another one I got from Cyril Stinnett called "Lantern in the Ditch"

5)Irish Reel I found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection of fiddle tunes: